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Help with Choice

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New to this forum.....but hoping I can get some help with making the choice.....Between a 2010 Lexus rx450Hlow miles excellent shape for around 27K...OR a lease on the Rav4Hybrid Limited. Monthly payments are about the same and will do a 5 yr term. Any words of wisdom.....???
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It's pure guesswork. No one has a new RAV hybrid yet, seems they are all on order. I believe that year Lexus required premium fuel for what that's worth.............

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Yes, you are right...forgot about that....

I have not looked into the fuel for the Rav4 Hybrid.

I understand you can drive the Lexus without premium gas but it will knock the performance a bit.

Both are Great SUV's.....I don't think there is a "wrong" choice...only one that "may" be better than the other...???

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My "credentials". I owned a 2006 AWD RX400h for six years and just sold it to my lady friend in October. I replaced it with a 2015 AWD RAV4 Limited. I purchased the Lexus from a local dealership as a lease return with just under 60,000 miles on the odometer and came with a warranty good to 100,000 miles. When I sold it, it has a hair under 200,000 miles on the clock. The RAV4 is new.

I've had the RAV long enough to be able to compare and contrast the two. I'll start off by saying that the RAV is no Lexus. The Lexus is all out luxury. Some have referred to them as 'refrigerators'. I think what they mean is that the Lexus isolates you from the environment . . . totally. They are very smooth and well functioning machines. I was very, very happy with it. Averages between 24-26 mpg. I was glad for the extended warranty because the radio unit needed to be replaced, (failed to eject compact discs). That was an expensive 'repair'. No other repairs were needed.

The only reason I sold it was that I was looking at a very expensive repair. That particular vintage RX are know for coolant leaks on the inverter, which required replacement, not repair. New, that runs about $8,000-$9,000. From a donor car, it was about a $4,000 repair. Because of having so many miles on it, the repair was not worth its cost.

I purchased the RAV instead of another Lexus primarily for the reputation for reliability and dependability of Toyota products. The Lexus is luxury . . . and you will pay very high prices for maintenance and repairs. For example, an oil change will run you around $150 at the dealership. After the warranty period, I took the RX to my Mercedes mechanic, then the local Toyota dealer after he retired and went back to Spain. They only charged $50 for an oil change. If you live more than 40-50 miles from a Lexus dealer, you are allowed to have a Toyota dealer service your Lexus.

After I verified that I was indeed able to put my bicycle in the back of the RAV without removing the front wheel, I was satisfied that it would be a good vehicle for me. I passed on the Highlander because they are just too expensive, in addition I didn't like the looks of them past the first generation.

The ride of the RAV is the 'worst' thing in comparison to the RX. It rides harsh! This is a know 'feature' of the Limiteds. Possibly due to the 18" wheels, (I have a set of 17" wheels off a XLE, but have not installed them yet). So far, the RAV has been great. My mileage is around 26 mpg, so pretty close to the RX, (keep in mind that the RX is a hybrid, and about 1,000 pounds heavier.) I'm satisfied with the RAV and only have one regret in purchasing it.

If I was allowed a 'do over', I would do whatever I could to hold out for a RAV hybrid. I was just too scared of that huge repair looking me in the eye. I really, really like the hybrid technology and would not be surprised in the least if some day most cars sold are hybrids.

You won't go wrong either way. With the RX, expect luxury and comfort along with higher maintenance/repair costs. With the RAV, expect practicality and dependability with lower maintenance/repair costs.

- - -

p.s. 27k for a 2010 low mileage RX hybrid is a pretty good price. Personally, I'm not a fan of leasing.
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REALLY appreciate your reply and added info/thoughts.
I am rethinking the lease option...and may just work off a line of credit.....
Both are Hybrids so mileage will be great for either....the Lexus as you have mentioned is pretty hard to beat as far as the luxury aspect of it.
Creature comforts always welcomed!! Not so welcome is the price tag that sometimes accompanies it!
But I am moving up from a Honda Element and while it is a lot of things...comfort is not one of its strengths.
I think I will still be smiling if I were to be driving the Rav4 Hybrid.
Decision to made in the next day or two.
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