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i've been trolling around the site for a while, tryin to read some info on the 2006's.... well kelly, the rav4 was traded in by my father for a new 2006 Honda Pilot (very nice v6)

I'm currently driving a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Turbo, done some mods to it and will soon post pictures for you folks to see.

Life in Miami is as good as ever, glad to see the Franco is back and that ChimChim has been visiting. Anywho, i hope Andrew and his turbo rav are doing good, I will be back soon to chat with you guys, if anyone needs any help or some rav4 info you guys know I'm around, just post the question and i'll answer as good as i can, so if you guys want to go fast let me know, i think i had the fastest rav on here other then Andrew... btw the last day i had the rav i took a trip to Moroso Speed Way in westpalm, I upped the jets to 125 and put a bead in my fuel line to increase the pressure, i got the Rav4 to run a 14.1 down the quarter mile :) pretty nice huh

Well we'll see when the V6 come out if i will go back to the rav4 days, trust me im deeply thinking about gettin an SUV, driving a sports car in Miami is quite hazardous :)

take care guys!
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