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Hi everyone,

I've been visiting this site regularly for over a year now (since I bought my RAV4 in August 2014). The site has always been a good source of info for me, especially when I was having issues with my MAF sensor, and most recently my driveshaft. After having the MAF sensor replaced, and the driveshaft rebuilt (2 u joints replaced, rear flange re-welded), I figured I might as well make an account here. Probably going to be looking for further advice lol.

Previously, I drove a 2006 Mazda3 GT, but some careless girl cut me off and destroyed it :(
I miss driving stick, but I'm still a student and commute 1h40m every day...RAV4 is nice and comfy in the winter, especially with the 4WD.
I'll probably be doing some minor stuff to my vehicle in the coming months, as money permits, so I'd appreciate any help anyone might be able to offer. Seems like a really great community here, lots of knowledge floating around. Hopefully I can be of some help too.


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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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