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Looks Great! One suggestion if I may. Place two (or more) Hella Headlights on your front bumper or on the rack. Use a three position switch. Why? You can have three different position to uses your Hella Lights. When we ran TSD rallies, we had this setup because of the different speed stages. But we also had to have the lights off when ever smokey (the local police) stopped us. Remember the space available. My brother once bought the largest Hella lights at that time. They were to big for the space available. :doh: :rolleyes:

1. Regular on and off position. (Regular driving in cities, I'd suggest keep them off)

2. Have them on and off with your hi-beam only (on and off when ever you need them with OEM high beam)

3. Have them on with your high beams and short beams at the same time. (When ever we were running speed stages or when the climate was ruff, all out light is needed) BTW, try to get a yellow plastic cover for fog.



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