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As a usual 6 month maintenance of my RAV, last weekend, I did:

- Oil & filter change.
- Cleaned Throttle body with (TB cleaner).
- Cleaned engine air filter and housing.
- Opened and cleaned PCV valve with MAF cleaner.

After performing all, asked my son to start the engine, every thing worked OK (NO check engine light), asked him to turn off the engine and at that moment I heard hissing sound like losing vacuum (for 1-2 Seconds) from the engine compartment. I double checked all the hoses and air filter housing, everything looks OK!

Now every time I ask helper to turn off the engine (while the engine cover is off), I hear the same hissing sound (suspect PCV hose).

I normally perform the same service since years but this is the first time I asked helper to turn off the engine while I was in front of the engine (with no engine cover), just wondering if this is normal for RAV4?

after that I drove the RAV but all seems normal, no check engine light, also I did not notice/ listen any anomaly while driving?

This evening, I plan to double check hoses and housing filter, also I would like to put Teflon tap on PCV threads (the sound seems to be more towards PCV hose).

If People could share their experiences?

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Year and model? Automatic climate control or manual?
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