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When I went to the DMV to register my RAV, they went outside to look at the VIN plate on the dashboard to verify the number. Problem was they couldn't see the plate through the rectangular area in the lower left-hand corner of the windshield. It seems to be there, but it's not aligned with that part of the windshield.

They reluctantly accepted the number from the sticker at the bottom of the driver's door opening, but the VIN plate not being visible bothers me - mostly because I feel like it's telling me that this car might have more in its history than the previous owner and Carfax have told me.

In addition to the VIN plate problem the instrument surround part of the dash is loose and rattles constantly. Hopefully all it needs is a repositioning and tightening, but I haven't the foggiest notion as to where to start.

How would I go about taking care of this problem? How hard is it going to be? I won't have to remove all the instruments and stuff from the dashboard, will I? I don't want to just start unscrewing stuff for fear I'll make more trouble for myself. Any suggestions?


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