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I ordered up some tune up parts from rockauto for the ole rav as i usually do with any car i buy. The last car i had was a 94 civic with 140k. Completely untouched. All original parts, unless of course they took it to the dealer for tuneups.
Today i found that my 97 rav with 246k on the clock has either oe parts, or dealer tune up parts installed later on. Cap n rotor both said denso on em. Plug wires said sumitomo 1997. I poked around to find a toyota bando serpentine belt aswell. Pcv valve said toyota. I used to work in a starter and alternator rebuild shop so naturally when i noticed the original denso tags i had to inspect them. I ended up rebuilding both units considering their age and remarkable wear.
I wonder what other wear items have gone untouched in the last 20 years and 246,000 miles...
How long have you run factory parts? Or have you purchased a rig in a similar situation to mine?
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