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How loud is your power liftgate closing?

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I have a 2013 limited and notice that the power liftgate on this suv shuts harder than other suvs with power systems from what I've seen. When my hatch closes, it makes a pretty noticeable thud sound and doesn't seem to gently close. From looking at other suvs, it seems like their hatches slow down when it gets close to closing, and gently closes. It could be my imagination, or do I have a problem?
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@johnsrav4 - I wouldn't say mine sounds like it hits hard or anything. It does close to the latch, then you get the second latch pulling action going on. In this audio clip, the microphone made it sound a lot harder than it is.

2013 RAV4 Limited Rear Hatch Closing

For me, I'm more worried about how both of the linear actuators sound... so noisy.


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