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How much boost can a 3SFE engine hold? I've heard, not much, 7 lbs at most. That is good for about 180 HP. Compression Ratio is 9.8:1. That's high for turbocharging. But I'm taking extra caution regarding the setup.

I will install a Moroso 3SGTE 6qt. oil pan. A good Waste gate and HKS Blow off Valve, a Gas regulator. An HKS timer (so it won't cock the inner parts of the turbo with oil.) I already have engine oil cooler and tras-axle oil cooler (that stays on), I might have to relocate the oil filter. (all with Russell hoses). It will look something like this. I think this part will help a lot. The Apexi NEO piggy back that I have has a turbo setting.

The compressor and trim information was suggested by many online enthusiastic. But I also used a computer program (free software here) that you can download. It tells you which turbo, injector and some other useful information. BTW, I'm using the stock Fuel Injectors, (250cc) which BTW, might be taxed a lot with this setup. I have a set of Supra N/A injectors 318cc waiting if they are needed.

Well, look like all the parts I have stocked in my garage have paid off. Some had to be trash, some are going to be used. Any advice, or constructive advice is welcome.
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