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DJ was asking the same question today in another thread, and I posted under that one too.

I did a lot of research on importing a 4.2 2-door to the US before I got the 4-door. I finally concluded that it would be virtually impossible, hence the new 4-door. ;)

There's the cost of the Rav itself (probably full sticker do you haggle on something like this). Then there's the vehicle importer's fee. Then there's the shipping fee (Boston to SE Wisconsin was quoted to me at $900...I dread to think what overseas shipping would be). Then there's customs fees, duty, tax, or whatever it's called. Then there's the cost to modify the Rav to US requirements. After all that, hopefully you'll have a vehicle that can legally be driven in the US. Then you have to get insurance. From the insurance company's point of view, imagine a few months down the road you get into a fender bender. All the parts have to be purchased from overseas and shipped here. Think about how bad your insurance company is going to stick you for coverage, if they'll even cover you at all.

It's ridiculous as far as I'm concerned. It just shouldn't be that complicated, but it apparently is.

That said, my understanding is that it is somewhat easier to import a used vehicle, but I didn't look into that because that brought up a whole different scenario in my mind of ending up with a vehicle with no end of problems that someone was all to happy to get rid of. How would I know for sure it was mechanically sound unless I went to whatever country with my own trusted mechanic in tow?

Also, if you're a non-US person who is coming to the US legally for employment, I understand you can bring your vehicle with you as long as you can demonstrate that it is temporary and the vehicle will return to wherever you came from eventually.

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