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How to open center console on a Rav4 2014?

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I have decided to "attempt" adding a USB plug for the rear seats after getting the inspiration from a fellow member who added dual plugs to the back of the center console. I wish to do the same but rather than routing the wires from below would prefer taking them straight through which necessitates opening the center console (the one where the gear shift and brake assembly is) as well as the lower console on the dashboard (where the various seat heater and power plugs are).

Any help how to open these up? Thanks!
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Thanks for that link. It is stickied and the source of my inspiration. As I mention in my post, the author though snaked the wires from below the carpet and driver side panel and that is something I am trying to avoid.

Anyways, I did find a couple of resources; listing them here for future references: (can't post links) but go to www. toyota-tech. eu/default. aspx and should give you free manuals... remove spaces in the address
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