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Your Rav4 is four-wheel-drive, all the time. Since you have an automatic, there is no button in your car to manually lock the centre differential lock. That happens automatically when slip between the front and rear axles is detected.
Check this link for more info: Toyota RAV4 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The ECT (MANU/PWR) button you mentioned just controls the way your automatic transmission changes gears.
In PWR mode, the gear changes occur in higher revs, which allows you to accelerate faster. Check sections 3.1.15 and 3.1.16 here: Toyota RAV4 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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With the dipstick ... :)
Of course, but under what conditions and procedure for a Rav4? I looked it up. It appears that the engine is idling when the dipstick is checked.
The 1996 FSM says:
Check transmission fluid level every 15,000 miles or 24 months.
1. Drive vehicle until engine and transmission reach normal operating temperature. Park vehicle on level
surface and apply parking brake. With engine idling and brakes applied, move gearshift from Park
through Low and back to Park.
2. Check fluid level on transmission dipstick. Fluid level should be in HOT range marked on dipstick. Add
proper type of fluid if necessary. See RECOMMENDED FLUID under LUBRICATION. DO NOT
overfill transmission.
Note that front drive 1996 models use Dexron II fluid and four wheel drive models use Toyota Type T.
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