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How to wire raptor lights to ‘16 XLE

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I do not know how to wire my grill lights to tap whatever fuse controls my drl/marker lights. Any suggestions?

‘16 XLE
Halogen Marker/DRL/Turn signal lights (no led strip)
I do have a fuse tap but do not know where to go from there.
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There's a fuse located inside the vehicle (underneath the drivers side kick pannel) marked as "tail" that's the one you need, from what I recall it's small in amp rating so you will probably need a relay. Hope this helps.

I used the ETCS fuse location for a fuse tap. On the passenger’s side, you can easily tap into the DRL fuse. They are both 10 amp- and are always hot (you can activate them without running the car, so be careful accidentally leaving them on.) I also wired my under-the-hood lights using an OEM-Like backlit switch (found on Amazon for about $13), replacing one of those switch blanks you find on the lower trims (I have an XLE) wiring is simple; and it might help to have a soldering gun. I was able to remove the glove box, thread the cable through the rubber grommet on the passenger’s side (there is one on both sides, but the driver’s side is way more difficult to access), remove some body panels near the footwell , and out to my selected switch location. You can pry the switch blanks and panels off with a plastic tool.

Also, you can find fuse taps on Amazon- the ones you find at your local Autozone are expensive, and usually don’t include fuses. I was able to find a 15-piece assortment of tap sizes for around $10 (which include fuses, so you don’t have to use up the spare fuses)

If you want the raptor lights to come on when your headlights are on, depending on the connection that it is powered on, you can just use the positive and negative terminals and strip them, the shove them in the recepticals of one headlights (when unplugged, and of course with the car off ;). It seems a bit Janky, but it works, and is protected by the headlight fuse.
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