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Thank you very much for your Husky Liner post. The Husky Liners look very attractive, especially for people like me who live in several sandy locales along the East Coast. I also like the fact that they cover the foot rest and, therefore, the rapidly-wearing, grubby carpet around the plastic footrest pad.:frown

However, I've a question: How do you access the gas tank flap release lever? I see the gas tank icon on the mat. But where is the actual lever? Do you have to cut away the icon to make the lever poke out? Is the lever behind the rear edge of the mat?
I have black ones in my sport and love far as the gas tank release lever goes you can cut out the little area around the icon or what I do is just lift up the mat a little and pull the release handle....during the winter once they start to get dirty and wet from snow and ice I take a few paper towels and toss them on the floor...soaks the water up and I can wipe away the dirt...very handy...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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