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:evil: :evil: :evil:

How can I start.... I know #@[email protected]^%&^$#$%@#$#$#@%#$%^%&$%^&$%^#$%#$^$%^%$&^*&%*

OOOOO I'm ticked.

I tore apart my suspension today, had the ould bushing pushed out on the driver's side, only to find out, my kit for the rear, is actually the parts for the front :evil: :evil:
Already called to get new parts shipped but my RAV is out for at least the weekend.

Also, the stud in the upper control arm (rear) is now spinning in place. Am I able to work around this, or am I gonna have to buy a new control arm? Anyone?

Price for new upper arm $130 Plus new cam bolts at $8 a piece

GOD help me :( :( :(
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