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2009 RAV4 Base. I disabled mine by the TechStream. The red light still flashes, but no noise. I move my vehicles around where I live and hate that warning. I'm not going to fasten my belt for moving the vehicle a couple hundred feet. Note: A long time ago I disabled the passenger side too.

2011 Rav4 CV 4x4 Auto
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Hey guys, just reposting my message so that it appears at the top of this page, so it’s a bit more visible for future visitors looking for the method:

Howdy. Have had enough too, tried playing with Techstream for hours, didn’t work, and I was reticent to remove the buzzer physically since the photos in the first post of this thread are gone. But Greybeard Bob’s message just above convinced me to try it.

I have a 2011 Rav4 CV 4x4 Auto, RHD (Australia), but this will work for sure on all Gen3 Ravs (2005-2012) all around the world. My photos are not ideal (didn’t mean to make a tutorial), but here goes:

1) Unlock the steering wheel, lower it and telescope it out towards you (it won’t go very far).
2) Remove the instrument cluster bezel by simply pulling on it and unclipping it (see following YouTube video: It will not detach entirely at the bottom, but that’s okay, lay it down on the steering wheel hub.
3) Unscrew the two black Philips screws at the top of the instrument cluster.
4) Remove the instrument cluster cover (transparent plastic) by pulling on it towards you (will come out as a single piece) and put it aside.
5) Pull the instrument cluster out towards you, it’s only held by two big plastic clips.
6) Disconnect the electric connector from the instrument cluster by pushing the little plastic tab.
7) The wiring harness itself is also attached to the instrument cluster. You can either pry it off or leave it on (I did the latter).
8) Unscrew the eight silver Philips screws from the back of the instrument cluster and it will come undone easily.
9) Locate the big round buzzer and pry it off, breaking the two soldered metallic terminals.
10) Put everything back together, done!

You can test the buzzer while everything is opened (and the instrument cluster is connected).

Here are some photos:

Pulling the bezel off (don’t mind the Velcro).

This is the transparent cluster cover once removed.

The instrument cluster pulled out and still connected.

This is the cluster’s back cover after unscrewing it (connector obviously disconnected, but wiring harness still attached).

And here’s the front piece now free.

The culprit.

Red arrows is where the two big plastic prongs on the back of the instrument cluster go in.
Yellow arrows are the two Philips screws holding the instrument cluster and its transparent cover.
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