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I need a replacement 1998 instrument cluster to buy

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Dear Forum

After overhauling my transmission, changing the speed sensor, checking wire looms I still have this problem...

After driving for a while and then going up hill - only the SPEEDOMETER stops working, in the cluster - all other parts of the Cluster continue to work as normal..
After letting the car rest (Turn Off and Cool Down) the lights (Millage Readings and Speed Clock) will work, but as soon as I begin to drive up a hill or incline (( The Problem Re-occurs)).

Another interesting connected problem, is you will drive and park but when you return to start vehicle - ignition lights up etc but when you turn the key ((Nothing)) I had to run a bridging wire direct to starter with a button to start.. (( This DOES NOT HAPPEN REGULAR but I know it is ALL Connected to the CLUSTER )) a component has broken down

After spending (Jamaican Dollars $ Thousands) to fix this problem , it still remains.

Hence I need your assistance to locate a replacement CLUSTER..
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