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Hello can someone please help me to identify the pin out of these ignition coils? Just need to find out which pins are the power ground and signal. Thanks

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For the six non-grounded wires above:
-- Colors are from my own, 1998 Rav4, reinforced by a 1999 Rav4 wiring diagram.

-- Wire connections and pin numbers are from the 1999 Rav4 wiring diagram.

For the two grounded wires, the colors are from my own, 1998 Rav4. For some reason the 1999 Rav4 wiring diagram does not show the grounded wires.

Below I quoted, with some minor editing, Eodgator's post at the thread :

Pin 1. Battery positive. This is the 12V battery positive voltage from the "INJ" fuse and is applied on a shared wire between all 4 coils.

Pin 2. This is the IGT (coil fire) wire. This wire is where the fire command from the ECM comes from. Each coil has a wire directly to the respective IGT pin on the ECM for that cylinder (i.e. IGT1, IGT2, IGT3, IGT4). This is not a shared wire between coils.

Pin 3. This is the IGF (coil fired signal) wire that transmits the "I was just fired" signal to the ECM. This wire goes straight from the coil to the IGF1 pin on the ECM. This is also a shared wire.

Pin 4. Coil ground. This is the ground wire for the coil circuit. This wire goes straight from each coil connector to a ground point (I believe the back of the cylinder head). This is a shared wire.

-- Here's a photo showing a little more detail:
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