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Hi All-
I am new to the forum.
I have a 2016 RAV 4
Just yesterday, the Immobilizer / Security light stared blinking when the car is turned off but the Fob/remote is inside the vehicle. So, for example, if i stop to get gas and turn off the car but stay inside the vehicle, the Immobilizer light comes on.
I tried changing the battery in the remote but it did not fix the issue.
I've owned the car for a year and half and never had this happen.
The remote will work to lock/unlock the car and the car starts with keyless system.
I took to Toyota, they ran diagnostic but could not find anything wrong
Has anyone experienced this problem?
Thank you.

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Are you sure it was "just yesterday" or perhaps you just noticed it?
My '16 Corolla does that. Smart key. Park, shut off the engine, and the light begins flashing immediately.

It's not been back to the dealer so no reflashes or anything that would have changed the software.

Honestly, I never noticed it until you asked.
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