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Increased Cash Incentive

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Hi All,

Last week we signed an Offer to Purchase for a new 2015 Rav4. At the time the cash incentive was $1500 (CAD). On numerous occasions both the sales guy and their finance manager told me that they must finalize the sale in order for it to count for their August numbers. They even tried to get me to take delivery on the car without an accessory that still has to be installed with a promise that it will be done after-the-fact. They told me that it would take at least 2 weeks to get the accessory installed and encouraged me multiple times to come in before the month's end. I insisted that the accessory be installed before I take deliver and magically a few hours later, they called to tell me that the car will be ready the next day (Aug 31st) with the accessory pre-installed. Obviously it was important to them to get my payment before the month's end to pad their numbers. As I was about to leave the next day for the dealership, they called to tell me that they have made a mistake and installed the accessory on the wrong car. I was told that it would be another day or two before they are done.

The dealer was acting suspicious, so I decided to check the cash promotion for September and sure enough, I find that the incentive has risen to $2000 for this month. It's obvious what they are trying to do here.

My question to you guys is whether I can ask for the difference in incentive since they will get the extra $500 from the manufacturer if the purchase is claimed as a September sale. If they decline to give me the difference, will the original Offer to Purchase hold? I put down a deposit of $500 using my credit card. Is there any way I can get my deposit back if they decide to not give me the additional discount? What are my options?

Thanks for reading.
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Ordinarily in the U.S. a buyer would be able to have their deposit returned if they had not taken delivery of the vehicle and if it did not meet the agreed-to specifications, and the customer should be able to return to square one in bargaining. Since in my experience dealers are less willing to bargain on vehicle prices if a monetary incentive is being offered even if that supposedly is by the manufacturer, one suspects that at least part of the incentive comes from the dealer's margin - at least that was my experience with a Toyota dealer in California. $1500 and $2000 CAD (or even U.S.) incentives are quite large, so the dealer may have to ante up part of them. A Canadian forum member may have more definitive answers.
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