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Increased engine noise inside the car

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About a year ago I did a complete engine overhaul in my 97 2-dr 4WD. For some strange reason the engine noise inside the car has increased. It is as if I left a access panel off the firewall when I put things back together. The trouble with that theory is there are no access panels that I recall seeing.

The wiring harness has a very large rubber grommet that I have checked. It seems to be in place. But aside from that I am not aware of any other perforation in the firewall.

Does anyone have any ideas where/what I could check that would come about as a result of removing and re-installing the engine?
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Maybe you could describe the noise in more detail: frequency, rattle-like vs road noise vs engine hum, vibration, etc? Just off the top of my head, I'd check the motor mounts, the position of the oil dip stick(!!! - the bracket that holds mine came loose and caused a weird noise until repaired), or did you replace the tires recently.
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