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This tutorial is for installing the Escort Passport 7500S or any other radar detector that uses a telephone line.

1. Plug it in the cigarette lighter.
2. Mount the radar detector on your dash using the included suction cups.

Just kidding....

If you're like me, you hate wires. You want everything to be wireless, but that's impossible so you end up trying to hide them. This project worked successfully: After this modification however, you will not be able to close your ashtray all the way.

STEPS: (I get much too excited installing this stuff to take the time to take photos, but I will try my best to give a written description and if you have problems, either post them here or email me at [email protected]. I'll be happy to answer them the best I can.)

1. Gather materials:
- Phone cord (Be sure there are 4 lines in there. They should be colored green, red, black and yellow at the head. You will notice 4 gold colored thingies. If you only have 2, then you need to buy one with 4. Try to get a black wire b/c it will be less obvious and will look lots better than my current setup. This phone cord should also be the flat kind, not the cylindrical kind)
- Phone cord extention adapter ($3 from radio shack. Be sure it has those 4 prong things.)
- Flat head screw driver (To yank off peices from your car)
- Philip's head screw driver (take stuff apart)
- Black tape (to cover flat head screw driver to prevent damage).
- 45 minutes - 1 hour. (I knew what to do, so it might take you longer...sorry.)

2. Plug everything in using the extension adapter and the phone line to see if it works. If it does, move on to step 3. If not, you may have tried to cheat and used the 2 prong wire. You really need a 4 prong.

3. Mount the radar detector using the included suction cups to the windshield so that the radar rests nicely on TOP of your rear view mirror.

4. Plug in the phone wire to the side of the radar detector.

5. Using the flat head screwdriver with a taped up end (to prevent scratches to your beautiful car), push the wire into the groove between the headliner and the windshield. Push it in there as much as possible. Continue pushing the wire in for the entire length of your windshield until you have it at the driverside corner.

6. Remove A-Pillar.
- That's the pillar that's on the driver side. It's where pillar pods are mounted. Remove it by using your flat head screw driver and pushing it into the groove between the pillar and the rest of the car. Twist the screwdriver until the A-pillar pops out. Choose a place that's less obvious in case you screw up and scratch something. If it doesn't come off easily, try a different location. I started from the top and recommend that.

7. Continue lining the phone wire.
When you remove the a-pillar, you should see other wires there. Tape the telephone wire alongside these existing wires.

8. Replace the A-pillar.
- Snap it into place using your hand. Be sure the bottom part aligns correctly with the dash. You'll know what i mean when you see it.

9. This is the hardest part......Remove the big plastic part that's below the steering wheel. The plastic piece that has that secret compartment. To do this, you will have to first remove 2 other peices.
- If you haven't done this before, don't be scared. I'm really not much of a car guy, but i managed to do it by removing 3 screws. 2 screws can be seen with the naked eye. Take those out. The 3rd screw is hidden behind the panel that has the side mirror control's on it. Using the flathead screw driver, gently pluck that peice off to reveal the hidden screw beneath. Remove this screw.
- Before tugging on this big plastic piece, you must first remove the panel that's on the left of your feet as you are driving (left-hand drive vehicles). It's held in by one weird looking black screw and....
- the panel that's parallel to the length of the car located just next to your driver's seat. Remove that by prying away using the flat head screw driver. (this flat head is coming in handy huh?)
- Hopefully you've read through this before attempting to start this installation so that if you have problems at this step you can email me and I can give you a response.

10. With everything removed, feed the telephone wire down in the cavity so that it ends up near the gas and brake pedals.

11. Take a deep breath b/c you've accomplished the hardest part.

12. Plug in the extension attachment, but NOT the cigarette lighter adapter just yet.

13. Feed the telephone wire to the location shown on this video I made:

14. plug the cigarette lighter into the outlet next to your ashtray.

15. remove your ashtray.

16. Feed the other end of the cigarette adapter thingy (with the telphone wire head) into the cavity where your ashtray was. Push the wire against the side wall of the cavity while unraveling the annoying screwshape wire.

17. Here's the fun part....connect the extension telephone wire that you managed to get down the a-pillar with the end of the cigarette lighter adapter thingy.

18. Turn your car key and see if it lights up and verify that your radar detector is working.

19. Replace the ashtray. It will not be able to close all the way.

20. Replace all other panels and you're done! congrats for understanding my tutorial and finishing this project!

21. Tell me about it and send photos so I know I didn't write this long thing for nothing.

22. Have fun.

23. Dont' get a ticket.

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Derek: darn, now you tell me?? just kidding. i was aware of the wireless one, but i picked up this $269 baby for just $50 from I just couldn't resist.
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