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looking around trying to find that dashboard switch... i cant find it... help!
Well, you gotta get the Toyota stock l and r bulb/reflectors, plug em' in to a 12 volt source--and voila, you'll see the projection of everything else you need in a dark room!
LOL-actually, the last lens set on Ebay was about $150 from a dealer (removed/used) and when I asked ball park (again=bad joke-5000000 candlepower at Fenway here in BOS!!), he quoted a $500 for the relay, switch, wiring, etc....I'm wondering if the above method forgoes most of that extra kit?
Beware the dealer/parts vendor....seems all but the most talklented amateur techs here would still likeley EASILY end up with $700--1000 w. labor in the altogether.
Makes a handheld 18v Ryobi flashlight seem tempting tho!
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