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Hi everyone, new to this forum. I appreciate the help and thanks in advance!

So I've been wanting to install interior LED lights for a while and I've decided to get the OPT7 Aura Smart-Color LED Strip Interior Lighting Kit from Amazon.

I want to install them so that they turn on/off with the doors so I looked around and saw that it's best to hook it up to the dome lights or map lights. The kit comes with "add a fuse." But the problem is that if I install it that way I won't be able to close the fuse box cover. I'm not so sure if it's safe if I leave the cover off or not. I want to make it as clean install as possible so the cigarette lighter method is my last resort.

So basically I'm asking if is it okay to leave the cover off? My friend told me there's a potential that "add a fuse" might pop off when I'm driving. Also is there like a fuse cover for my 2013 RAV4 that is bigger?

Thanks again!
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