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Can someone tell me what fuse controls the instrument panel lights? For that matter can someone tell me where I can find out what all the fuses are for... I can figure out the obvious ones but the ones with acronyms or abbreviations I have no idea!

My instrument panel lights went out and I checked all the fuses in the car and the engine compartment... I finally discovered that the Tail light fuse was blown and put another one in only to discover that it blew as well. I've also noticed that the buzzer doesn't sound when I get take the key out and have left the headlights on nor does the alarm sound beep when I activate it and the headlights are on! Not to mention my dome light quit coming on a long time ago when the door was open but comes on when I deactivate the alarms or press one of the buttons... but I could live with that... I'm afraid I'm in for a major repair bill! :(

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Have you checked the INSIDE (left of steering wheel) fuses again?

Second from top on far left is labeled "GAUGE". It's a 10 amp.

Have you (or anyone else) done any electrical projects on your RAV lately? If so... you may want to disconnect whatever it is... or at least double check all the connections. :?

Other fuses in this inside box are -

TAIL = tail lights
DEF-I/UP = defogger (not sure?)
GAUGE = Instrument Panel
TURN = turn signals
CIG & RAD = cigaretter lighter and stereo
IGN = ignition (I think?)
ECU = electronic control unit
WIPER = wiper :roll:
SRS = air bags
OBD = on board diagnostics
STOP = brake lights
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