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Hi all,
Been away for a while, but been looking to see how others have been modding the interior.
I'm planning on doing the following:-

- Adding a Dashcam by tapping into the power from the rear view mirror and adding a 12V outlet in the roof space.

- Adding 2x power outlets in rear passenger space.

- Adding always hot power outlet in cargo area.

- Adding glove box light.

I know the rear view mirror has switched live, and the power outlet will be separately fused.

For the other pieces does anyone see an issue with tapping off the radio switched and permanent live connections with inline fuses to each outlet?

Also planning on upgrading internal bulbs to LED's..

My RAV is a UK 2013, so didn't come with a space saver wheel, but I've purchased one separately and modded the space to anchor it properly, if anyone is interested?

Thanks for any assists.


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All your projects are covered here. Do a search and if you have no luck, we can probably help.

JuneBug has a good post on the driver's camera, as well as a good, easy way to make the center console and rear socket hot full time.

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Nemesis, please remember that most dashcams work on 5 volts, not 12. You have to use the adapter that came with the camera or use a 12 volt to 5 volt converter if you hard wire it to the mirror power.
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