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Hallo there....

I am thinking of using an external mp3 player in my rav4(model 2004).I prefer to buy creative jukebox instead of ipod,because it is cheaper....

I found 2 solutions..

My questions are:
1.They say that the ipod will be charged from the cable.When you turn off the car machine,will this still charge the battery of ipod?Meaning that the car battery will die in a few months?Also,do you think that the ipod battery will soon have problems?(Because i know that if you continiously charge the battery of a device like mobile phone for example,it will soon have problems).
2.When i get in the car i need to turn on the ipod or it turns on when i turn on the factory stereo?(The same question when i close the factory stereo).

Thanks a lot...

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My guess is that the adapter will only power the iPod only when the engine is on or the ignition is set to "ACC". I highly doubt that the unit would power the iPod without they key set to "ACC" or "ON". Again, I'm taking a guess.

Additionally, it is wise practice to drain the battery of the iPod before you charge it. However, if you use certain car adapters, you cannot avoid charging the battery, just like certain car adapters for cell phones. I personally wouldn't worry too much about the battery issue, as long as you do drain it completely and charge it completely at least once a month.

I do sometimes let my iPod play by itself just to drain the battery and then recharge it fully using my USB port or the AC adapter.

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Ehinte604,thanks for the answer.. :)

But,i think that the most basic is when i get in car and press the button of the factory stereo,automatically the ipod to be opened.So,i wont have any worries about ipod,i will put under seat,and never touch it again...If i have to open the ipod manually every time i get in the car,and then to close it when i get out, these are problems!Please anybody knows that detail?

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The TOY-AUX will only give you auxillary input capability. It will not charge the IPOD nor let you use your steering wheel to control the IPOD. I'm currently using the TOY-AUX in my RAV to interface my Sirius satellite radio system AND my IPOD. The TOY-AUX is made by PIE, Peripheral Integrate Electronics (big name company in this field).

The other device is more interesting. It appears to offer a wide range of capability. It is unknown to me. You'll have to do more research or contact the company. It does say, though, that it plugs into the CD changer port with an adapter from Toyota. The company listed was Peripheral Electronics (not to be confused with PIE). I've not heard of them.

BTW, it appears also that the only place it plugs into your radio is the CD port. Once the radio is turned off, the power (charging) will stop.


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I emailed peripheralelectronics and received this prompt reply -

Hello Kelly,

Thank you for your inquiry. I will start by addressing the Creative Jukebox question. We have the Aux2car interface that will provide 1 pair of RCA inputs to the factory radio. Now for the iPod2car. The Ipod will be controlled by the radio, so when you select the changer function it will turn on the iPod. When you select the AM or FM function on the radio, it will turn the iPod off. The only thing that you cant do from the radio is Browse files and change play list on the iPod. Thanks for your support on your website.

P.S. I wouldn't worry to much about the battery in the iPod, it has a very good microprocessor to control its charge. The internal battery has about a 2 year life.

Thank you and Best Regards,
Rob Merritt
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Kelly,thats the answer to my question!Thanks for the trouble... :D

The problem now is the price for all these!I realised that i must give a lot of money for ipod and the ipod2car...!With half of the money i can get a steady mp3 player(without battery replacement every 2 years-battery costs about 150 euro!!!)...
And also somebody told me that i can have cds with wma(its a format that has the same quality with mp3,but in the half bitrate!)So, i can have a cd with almost 500 songs!!i think its a good number....
Also you will see the tracks names in the stereo,and will have better quality than the factory stereo...

So,i wonder at last if it worths to buy an ipod and ipod2car adapter...

I found a nice Alpine,the cda-9827..
Its very cheap...
The only problem is how i can still use the steering wheel controls...
If anyone knows something about that,please help...I already contact Alpine,but they say they dont support rav4 for steering wheel controls...Only if we find something from another brand....
Thanks... :)

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Belkin Charger

I'm using a Belkin iPod charger/adapter with a $9 cassette adapter, if you don't mind using one of those. Works pretty good, and the iPod charges in the car.
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