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Hello guys,,
So I still have one free oil change left and one free tire rotation left. But my dealer is so annoying. Do I complain to them when after my next oil change they love to send out their feel good about themselves surveys.

Here is what happen, I go in two weeks ago and ask for wiper refills. The parts guy immediately said o we dont have them we only sell the whole blade. Just buy that. I then say well can I order them and after some face changing he said yes and tell me that they are $8 each. And I place the order without leaving any money. I forget to pick them up and went back today expecting them not to be there since it has been two weeks. NO big deal. But when talking to another parts guy. He checks said none in stock and that I should just again buy the whole blade. I then say o I just want the refill and then he tells me that the refill is $14 each so this is why he said order the whole blade. They are both the cost. I was going to say o that is not what I was told 2 weeks ago
So I just say I will get them somewhere else. I then call a dealer 35 miles away and he has them for $8. Do I say anthing? Or just forget it? What a jerkie dealer.
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