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Is the Toyota app down right now?

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Mine has not updated since Friday the 27th evening. Still shows me parked at the grocery store. Trying to manually refresh it times out in error.

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I recently made the mistake of trying to swap primary user with my wife (it’s mainly her RAV4). She got the email code and entered it into the Infotainment screen. It worked for a few days but then stopped working. I tried to switch it back to me but no luck. Got fresh email with code I entered immediately. Did this process a couple times and no luck. Today I used the SOS button and they did an ”override”. Twice. Now I need to call a different number to escalate.

So are my problems due to my switching users, or something else related to your issues?

I’ll update if anything changes.
Now the app is stating "Remote Activation is Pending."
Mine is doing the same thing.
It has been recommended that to fix this problem, I should disconnect the 12V battery for 30 minutes to 'reboot' the system. I am extremely reluctant to do this as I do not know what settings or other data will be lost, ie, miles to empty, MPG, radio stations, etc. Does anyone here have any experience with this?
In my conversation with the Toyota Telemetrics team, they said this may work but it’s likely a temporary fix and the problem could re-occur until they get the back-end network problem resolved.
When did you speak with them last about this?
I spoke with Henry (others here have mentioned also talking to Henry). It was on Jan 6. That’s when he told me about the back-end issue and mentioned that disconnecting the battery was only a temporary fix. He also promised to call me back weekly with updates. He did leave a voice mail on Jan 14 saying that they are continuing to work on the issue and he will continue to follow up.

I’m not sure how useful this is, but the more of us they have to keep following up with will hopefully keep up the pressure. I’m also going to ask that the free trial be extended a year.
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