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Is the Toyota app down right now?

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Mine has not updated since Friday the 27th evening. Still shows me parked at the grocery store. Trying to manually refresh it times out in error.

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Mine, too, has not worked since ~December 28.
The app is still working fine for '19s, just doesn't work for '20s yet for some reason.
Mine worked on my 2020 Limited that I bought on Black Friday but has not worked since just after Christmas.
As I posted earlier mine stopped working on 12/28/19, but my remote start still worked from my key fob.
I emailed them about it a couple a weeks ago and they sent me a re-activation code, a couple of times, but then it went into a mode saying unable to activate remote, or something like that.
It sends me Vehicle Status updates, but I cannot connect to the RAV and no longer get a map showing where I parked.
This is really weird.?????
My app is working again, since Saturday. It shows the tire pressure too.
It also displays my driving score which I could do without! :)
1 - 4 of 204 Posts
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