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Is the Toyota app down right now?

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Mine has not updated since Friday the 27th evening. Still shows me parked at the grocery store. Trying to manually refresh it times out in error.

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This came up for several days now:

Got messages from Danmark and Spain also, so i informed Toyota Europe. They confirmed that there is a global issue with the Connected Services, and they are, of course, working on it... But, strangely enough, the My-T app works fine, logs the trip perfectly???
To be continued...
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My Toyota app will no longer connect. I suspect it might have something to do with updating my iPhone to 14.0.1. It looks like it is going to connect but then just freezes. I have rebooted the phone and deleted then reloaded the app. Still no go. Anyone else having difficulty?
Still working just fine after the 14.0.01 update.
Currently my app is partially working after working 100% for a couple of months.
201 - 204 of 204 Posts
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