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being that I really don't care about what the people in the back seat can hear and I want to say this much money as possible, I wondered if this would be a plausible idea.

Replace the front speakers with some decent component speakers which would consist of a 6 1/2 inch midrange and a tweeter. you would use some bass blockers to prevent low-frequency sounds from entering the speakers. in the rear door you would hook up a 6 1/2 inch subwoofer in each door.
you with the install a new head unit raided at 22 1/2 watts RMS per channel (the advertised power is 50 W on these units, at its peak power).

This would save you the expense of installing a rear subwoofer and its associated amplifier. The big question here is whether or not he would have enough power to drive the speakers. Any opinions?
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