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Is a Rav4 a chick car?

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Its a chick car, isnt it?

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I bought my Rav4 last Thursday and it's a great suv. My coworker called me today and said he noticed 4 little old women who couldn't see over the steering wheel driving my car. On the ride home I counted 5 rav4 and all driven by old women. I looked on the dealer Facebook page. 4 rav4 sold in the last 2 weeks. Guess what? All little old ladies except for me. Lol. A car driven by grannies is.... well... a granny car!
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Not really, IMO the 5th Gen is about as masculine as you can get w/ a crossover which is what Toyota was trying to achieve to attract more male buyers. Especially now that more and more sedans being replaced by crossovers and SUV and some models being discontinued you don't have very many options left. I def. notice more males driving 5th Gen compared to previous gens especially 1st and 2nd Gen.
+ Lots of women are into Mustangs, Jeep Wranglers, and G-Wagons as well, doesn't make them chick cars..
I sold my 2019 Black 4Runner and bought this 2022 Black RAV4… The first thing I noticed was how this RAV4 looked like a smaller version of my 4Runner…
My neighbors never realized a had bought a new SUV… So maybe to a degree a vehicles color or shape does factor in on peoples perceptions on who drives a particular model or brand…
The RAV4 is the #1 selling SUV in America so it only makes sense that all types of people regardless of age or gender will drive a RAV4 !

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The new Tacoma front fascia also resembles the RAV4 IMO.
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Always liked the white stormtrooper XSE

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