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I was doing a new stereo upgrade for a friend of mine with a RAV4, she has the JBL system. The stereo was doing some odd things, cutting in and out, volume control stuck on one volume but not outputting any sound, etc etc so we ordered a pioneer deck, wiring harness to connect to the stock JBL amp, etc etc etc. Well, turns out that the stock stereo isn't the issue at all, its the amp. Now, we already spent $500 on the pioneer and everything to install it and so we opted to purchase a 5 channel MB Quart amp and replace everything. I am going to keep the stock speakers (for now) but I would like to know what the wiring looks like from the stock amp to the speakers, however, we all know that factory wiring makes no sense.

so I have 3 questions:
1. what are the ohm ratings of the factory speakers?
2. anyone have a wiring diagram WITH the JBL system?
3. will I need bass blockers for the tweeters or do they already have resistors?

thanks in advance
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