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JDM Rav4.1 Questions!

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Hi everyone, im Johann from Malaysia. It’s awesome to see this forum so alive and active. Ive actually just purchased a 97 JDM imported rav4.1. And I have a few questions about it.

1: is there anyplace online to source for new center Aircond vents? One of mine is currently broken with no fins.

2: I bought an Automatic, do automatics come with a lsd rear differential / locking diff?

3: is there any website to source for cheap 1999 clear headlights?

4: does anyone know what bodykit is on it?

Here is some pics of my rav4, I’m excited to be here!
Cloud Sky Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Car Vehicle Steering part Motor vehicle Car seat cover

Tire Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Cloud Vehicle

Automotive side marker light Cloud Sky Automotive parking light Tire
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Nice ride! Good to have you.
1. Not sure about Malaysia, but here I'd go to a junkyard or ebay. There are a few different toyota vehicles that have the same ones

2. You still have a center diff but there isn't a way to lock it, it kinda does it automatically. Also very few came with an LSD

3. For the headlights, rockauto, or ebay like before. You can also upgrade them to the 1998+design there are instructions on the forum.

4. No clue but it's cool!
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1. I think a 1993-1996 Corolla shares some of the same vents

2. Check Demoder's post (#7) here: Limited slip Rav4

If you search around the site most of your questions have already been answered😃
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