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Has anyone sometime after buying their Rav bought leather seat covers? Would be nice at some point.I have been wanting a Rav 4 for a few years but could not spring for a high end model.Got leather seat covers put on my late wife's Mustang years ago,I think they were better than O.E.M. Are there any common problems to look for?I have always thought highly of Toyota,but today have read of some problems.Had a 74 Celica brand new in the day.At least Toyota will recall and fix major problems.I had a Ford Fusion that should have been recalled and crushed.Life long ford fan long gone.Will never buy another.Got my Daughter a 2000 Camry with 189,000 mi still drives darn good.That P.O.S. Fusion I had is probably in a bone yard now.I would drive that old Camry anyplace.I hope my Rav 4 gets in here Friday,riding on a trailer someplace.I would love any advice or insight from you all.Thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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