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Just Purchased 2017 Rav4 XLE in Super White. My girlfriend and I are just ecstatic, we purchased a Brand New 2017 Rav4 XLE Super White the other day and love the car. We live in Orange County, California. After looking at other vehicles, we decided to go with the Toyota Rav4. Other vehicles were competitive but decided the Rav4 was worth an extra dollar or two. We especially love the safety features that come standard on the car. Super White was chosen for safety reasons as well. Although other colors are more appealing to the eye (Red and Black Currant Metallic) and the new white seems to be Electric Storm Blue; at night the other colors are not as easily seen as well as Super White.

Looking forward to sharing our experiences and hopefully help others along for the ride. Like many other new car owners, we are looking to take care of the car. This includes seat covers, floor mats and protecting both exterior and interior paint/fabric. Audio upgrade is a future upgrade in the near future as well. Were both live active lives and love outdoor activities so this car is going to take a beating for sure!

The following is a “TO DO LIST” for this coming 2017 new year

Seat Covers we're looking at are between two companies. The first company is SKANDA. My girlfriend likes the Pink color SKANDA Traditional Camo NeoSupreme Seat Covers. The other company is Coverking. Maybe the Coverking Neosupreme Seat Covers in Red/Black color. The quality seems to cover the protection we are looking for and they also seem like an easy clean. Between the front and back we're looking at ~3 bills :surprise. And thats without the "hefty price tag of costly neoprene covers"...supposedly. Hot California is nice but, we want to stay cool in the car. So leather seats are out of the equation, while material made of fabric or neoprene are still options. I've been looking at and so far I'll have to shop around. Will shop around seeing its not cheep to purchase seat covers but maybe they will be worth the pretty penny.

:cheers:Floor Mats are essential and a priority heading into 2017, so I just purchased the All-Weather Liner Package from Toyota. The Floor Mats from Toyota seem to be of good quality. Carpet Floor Mats ($129 msrp) with Carpet Cargo Mat ($95 mrsp) was an added Accessory at time of purchase. However, looking to enjoy the All-Weather Liner Package ($249 mrsp). The accessory mats will be priced to sell on If you don’t like doing math and wonder what the difference is…$25. Assuming well sell the Carpet Mats at lower than mrsp. Probably spend a little more than $25, meh.

:nerdProtecting exterior paint with Plasti Dip will be fun. Looking at different colors but don’t want to go overboard or anything. Maybe protecting the rear and front bumper black, white, or gray will be sufficient. Plasti Dip is relatively inexpensive and fun when you have the extra time. Don’t think this will be a priority. This coating is a plus because is peelable, flexible, non-slip, and a durable rubber coating that serves its purpose. A great solution for automotive customization.

Protecting interior fabric with Scotch guard auto fabric & carpet protector was suggested by a family member. I’ll have to look more into this method of protecting car carpet material. Found a random youtube videos that helped.

Lastly, upgrading the Audio System in the future is going to significantly enhance our experience while in this ride. So I'll have to get back and do some research on audio systems. Not looking for to much blast, but want significant noise quality.

Happy New Year everyone, and please drive safe.

Allen and Helen
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