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I just got the 30th Anniversity Collection package from KANSAS. If you love oldies like I do.This is a must buy for KANSAS fans. It has all the hits and a DVD performing them. It is an awesome package. i saw them twice. Once in the ARMY, and once performing in Puerto Rico. The CD/DVD include the following songs. Classic KANSAS.

Can I tell You
journey From Mariabronn
Song From America
Lamplight Symphony
Icarus (Borne on Wings of Steel)
The Pinnacle
Child of Innocence
Carry On Wayward Son
Cheyenne Anthem
Miracles Out of Nowhere
What's on my Mind
Point of Know Return
Portrait (He Knew)
Dust in the Wind
Lightning Hand
Sparks of the Tempest
Paradox (Live)
People of the South Wind
Hold On
Got to Rock On
Play the game Tonight
Fight Fire with Fire
All I Wanted
Desperate Times
Eleanor Rigby
Icarus II

Plus the DVD Performances which are 16 more numbers.

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