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I am new to this club. I Would like to say "Thanks" for all the

helpful information on this site.

We will be picking our new Rav4 up on Friday. Pacific Blue, V6,

4WD, Sport.

We do alot of kayaking and biking. Does anyone have a

suggestion for us on kayak racks?

We need to be able to carry 2 ocean kayak's .


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Since you do "a lot of kayaking and biking" go for a good quality, stout, complete (crossbars and towers included) rack system. You will thank yourself every time you load a bike or boat.

Be SURE to buy a complete crossbar system, ideally with a fairing. The OEM rack isn't really stout enough to carry a couple of large kayaks. I think it would be ok with no more than two short white water boats. You don't want to be worrying all the time that your stuff is going to come flying off into oncoming traffic. When carrying boats, wind loading during strong crosswinds becomes a major issue.

My personal favorite is Yakima. One problem is that it isn't typically discounted more than about 10% so it can be a costly deal to buy a whole system. REI periodically has sales that include 20% off Yakima gear. You can save major $$ by buying then.

John Davies
Spokane WA
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