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Key FOB entry suddenly stopped working. Any recommendations or test procedures?
Behavior and symptoms:
- All other vehicle electrics appear normal.
- Manual door key locks/unlocks driver and other doors normally.
- Interior lock/unlock button functions normal. (locks/unlocks all doors).
- FOB 'Panic button' functions (horn).... but does NOT lock or unlock doors
- FOB was not subject to unusual circumstances and did not get wet. There are no visual signs of corrosion/oxidation on FOB battery or contacts. Buttons feel normal and are not sticking. Button cell battery voltage measures 3.1 volts (unloaded), so I don't suspect the battery.
Thanks, Rick

Update: The 'unlock' function started working again last night.. Today, both lock/unlock function again ?????
The button cell battery voltage may be going dead after all. The 3.1 volts (unloaded), may not be accurate, and needs to be loaded to get a actual voltage reading.
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