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And it sure is nice on the highway if the surroundings gets stupid.
You can push that pedal down on the V6 and rapidly remove yourself.
Can i get a co-sign on that !
Its surprising how fast it will get to 100+ or 110+
And 110 doesn't feel any different than 75 !
( gotta read the signs faster cause there is more of them at 100 )

Just did a 800 mile trip and best mpg was 26.4 ( not at 100 !!! )>:D

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Yep, cosigner here! Of course I never run those kind of speeds :wink, but when you add in that it'll do the same thing on any surface in virtually any weather and you have THE reason that once I test drove a V6 RAV4 (actually while scouting for my BIL in AK who lives 250 miles north of the Toyota dealer) I began advising our Forester to run away from home to create the "need" :wink to buy a 3.5L RAV4.
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