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LED Advice Needed

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I have a 2014 XLE 2WD and have pretty much upgraded all my exterior bulbs to LED. With the exception of the Hi-Beam bulbs. I'd like to retain the ability to run DRLs and have the brightness of a LED bulb.

Are there any LED bulbs on the market that will allow me to keep the DRL option?

Thanks in advance.
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The DRL function simply connects the high beam bulbs in series giving about 7 volts to each. I don't know of an LED high beam that will light below around 8.5 volts so the DRLs automatically get defeated.

On our '06 that's exactly what I wanted when I switched to LED high beam bulbs because I'd installed halo fixtures and made them the DRLs. Really looks sharp!
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I installed these:
DRLs seem to work and high beams as well. Just a super slight flicker when in DRL mode. For $33 bucks, what the heck. Still cheaper than a set of high end halogen bulbs.
I installed Morimoto 2Stroke 3.0 bulbs from Headlight Revolution.

Unlike most others, when they see an incoming voltage less than 9 volts, they go to 30% brightness for DRL mode.

I have them in my '18 Sienna. Very slight flicker in DRL mode, but if you look at it, the flicker goes away. Mostly due to the way a human eye works, but it's actually rather effective at attracting your attention without being obnoxious, which is pretty much what the DRLs are supposed to do.

These lights are NOT cheap, but they work VERY well.

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