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Hey guys, my 2016 RAV4 SE already comes with the factory LED headlight that I'm really satisfied of, and I upgraded my fogs first to JDM ASTAR BULB which I was also semi-satisfied with because they were brighter than the factory halogen bulb, and then I changed my fogs again to this CAR ROVER DUAL (Yellow/White) bulb that I'm currently using and very satisfied of because of the brightness/2-in-1 color.

Recently I got to change my family's Honda Accord's Headlight bulb from Factory halogen to LED bulb. And I actually watched multiple review videos on Youtube (most were very bias/advertising their own bulb) and read few reviews online and finally decided to go with this brand that we are very very satisfied of. Price-wise, they were on the cheaper than most LED bulbs, and the brightness is definitely bright, and the construction of it is very sturdy and well made. If anybody's interested, here are my actual iPhone images non-touched on the honda accord. So if any non-led headlight/foglight guys are interested, I recommend this brand, best bang for your buck. LASFIT LED BULB

There are few different ones within the brand, I got the cheapest one around $31 USD with the COB Chip, $39 USD supposedly uses Phillips LED and there's the $100+ one with fancier/brighter LED but I'm completely satisfied with the cheap one, and I guess it's a personal preference.

Here are all the links:

CAR ROVER DUAL (Yellow/White) bulb
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