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I started out with replacing my license plate bulbs to a nice white LED...and now my entire car is practically LED.

Fog light LED's are on the way :)

Interior LED
Just follow this amazing YouTube video!

License Plate LED
Page shut down, I got 20 for $6.88
This takes only one bulb. I used a white LED bulb, the size is 168. Love it, would recommend 10/10

Use a flat head screwdriver to pull towards the light housing. The little black/grey tab is the thing holding it in.

Basically just pull out the housing, and you have this housing and bulb.

Replace with the LED and check that it works, you might have to reverse the bulb because of polarity.

Snap it back into place, and you are good. I will try and take some pictures of the different brightness!

Front Turn Signals
Ebay Page, $9.99/2
This takes only two bulbs. I used an amber LED bulb, the size is 7443CK. Love it, would recommend 10/10. MAKE SURE that you buy the CK filament - not standard. Essentially this bulb is dual filament meaning it is the turn signal and parking light, so there is a special bulb. This bulb took me a while to find the right thing, which is linked above. Be careful when buying these!

To start, open up the hood and remove these push tab things. You need to remove that black plastic cover.

This is a picture of the wire for the bulb: I couldn't get a real good picture of the bulb in the housing, but just feel around.

Replace with LED and check for polarity and that the parking lights / turn signal / hazards work.

Rear Turn Signals
EBay page, $6.50/2
This takes two bulbs. I used amber 7440. It is only single filament. My bulbs I bought are not very yellow..they are more yellow-white mix, so I may have to buy different ones. They do look better though. 8/10

There are two cover panels on either sides of the car. Remove those and try to get your hand up into the rear panel. Very awkward position, and replacing the bulbs takes some patience. Here is a bad picture of the bulb, but it is the second one from the bottom. Again, test and replace. Quite simple.

Rear Marker Lights
Page is shut down, I bought 20 of these LED's for $6.88
While in the same panel, I replaced the rear marker lights with the White LED's, size 168. (Same as the license plate). The housing is all red, and they look red even at night. 10/10

It is the top most bulb, as shown by my finger. As always, test they work. Easy!

Ebay Page to Buy
Most people use those cheap resistors and cut into their wires - I want the ability to go back to completely factory in a minute. I replaced the flasher with a LED flasher, which I found on eBay. Works great, I think its the way to go. Also, you can use an LED flasher with incandescent - they all flash the same speed. (IE, you can mix LED's and incandescent.)

This was a female dog to install, but worth it. 9/10

Remove the trim and panel as shown here. The panel on the ground is held by clips, simply pull. The panel on my seat is the one under the steering wheel, which I believe is held on my both clips and some bolts.

This is the flasher you have to remove and replace

The flasher is held in by two little clips on the end, which I ended up breaking because there isn't a real easy way around it. The LED flasher had too long of clips, so I actually broke those off on purpose to fit. It hasn't come out yet, and I think it is secure and tight in there. I used a combination of awkward hand movements and a screwdriver to try and loosen the clips on either sides.

Old flasher
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