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LED Headlights conversion

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Have an 01 RAV. Has anyone gone to LED headlights and how did it work for you?
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What did you buy, joyridin'? Have any part #'s/model/etc? (or pics) :)
Just bought the wife an 04 got some on the way from my supplier, I sell them here in FL, but these are a new design, I'll post pics with they are in. If I can figure out how otherwise I have a youtube channel for postING junk up lol. Hope this helps!
I bought a set off ebay of H4 and fog lights. Bother were 6000k and even on low beams with the fogs on they are bright as hell. Don't think I have put the brights on since I changed them. Only slight difference though. Nest is my light bar and 2 2" mini fogs and then it will be complete :)

Which ones did you buy and also what year is your Rav4? I'm trying to find out if I will need some kind of adapter or if they are plug and play.

What was the brand of LEDs that you bought off ebay and did they require a separate adapter?
I put LEDs in headlights of both my 01 and 11 Rav4s. Both worked great with no problems. They were still working on 01 when I gave it away to relative. The ones on my 11 are still working without any problem. However there was one issue. When I first installed them, I had to direct beam lower to stop from affecting oncoming drivers. I did that upgrade years ago and do not remember which brand, but they were not expensive.
LED H4 globe replacements are terrible. They will mostly blind on-coming traffic when installed. Great for your vision, but bad for others.
Theres a new alternative to just buying the cheap chinese LED H4's from Amazon/Ebay.

LED Mini-Projectors.. They have a proper "cut off" line . Ill be installing these next month.

Check them out !

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