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I have a 2000 RAV4. I've been upgrading it with LED lights. All has gone well except for the turn signals. I've installed 1157 LEDs in front, 7440s in the rear. The conventional flasher unit buzzes when all four LEDs are installed, so I replaced the 1157s with the conventional incandescent bulbs but left the 7440 LEDs in the rear. Then it hyper flashes. That's where it stands now.

When I install an "LED compatible" three-prong flasher unit neither the turn signals nor emergency flashers operate. I've tried three from Amazon, whose part compatibility prompt indicated that they fit.

I've looked through all the LED hyperflash threads in the RAV4WORLD forum but still don't have a clear picture about how to proceed. So I have a couple of questions:

1) Is there a three-prong LED-compatible flasher unit that will successfully operate in a 2000 RAV?

2) Are inline 50-ohm resistors the way to go? If so, which of the wires for the front turn-signal lamp housing should they be tapped into?

And thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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The fix is parallel, not series, resistors to increase the load on the flasher. They can be connected to the signal light leads in either the front or rear signals. And it'll probably take more load than 50 ohms. I recently stopped hyperflash on my '18 Accord when I went to LEDs for the rear signals (fronts were LED from the factory) by paralleling them with 10 ohm resistors. But keep in mind they will get HOT in use.
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