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what is the life of a car, i mean if maintained and service properly, how many miles should a car run?
I bought toyato rav4 98 with already 1,92,0000 miles on it! how many more miles will it give me....

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1 million, 920 thousand miles? Maybe one zero too many. I've personally seen cars a trucks (light trucks) with 600,000 miles on them. These vehicles were well maintained with respect to oil changes and driven just about everyday, ALOT.

One story out of a part of Canada I used to live in was a woman who was in sales and had an "old" TOYOTA Corrolla. She was about to roll it to a million kilometers and the Toyota dealer in her area gave her a new Corrolla as long as she gave them the car before it rolled over so they could use it for publicity. Thats 610,000 miles and the thing was still in real good shape.

My philosophy is to take care of your rig and it will be good to you. Sure you will have to replace things like shocks, starters, and other small things but as long as you maintain it with oil changes and the other maintenance required you can have it as long as you have money to spend on it. "Drive it" is the best thing you can do because it will not do it any good to have it sitting around rotting away.

Take care. Good luck with your RAV. Later. M. :)
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