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I have a 2.2 d 6 speed manual 2008 with 60,000 miles.

Only just bought it a month ago for my wife however when I drove it recently there is a loud droning noise like an induction roar when a pipe is off. It only starts when the car is under light/medium load on the level or going up hill. I have had the engine mountings checked by 2 garages and they can find no fault with them. I am begining to think it could be gearbox related. It does whine a little when you are changing down to 2nd engine braking for a junction.
The rubber grommet around the steering column to the steering rack has been sited as loose however this noise is also accompanied by a resonance similar to having the car in the wrong gear and too low revs.

Has anyone had the same problem?

Cheers Mike
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