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Location of Charcoal Canister

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Hi All,

I have a 97 Rav4 AWD. I am getting P0446, 0443 and one other code having to do evaporative /charcoal canister and CEL on. I checked around the fuel tank and I see nothing that looks like the charcoal canister although I read on one forum that it's on top fuel tank. From the way things look I highly doubt it's on top of the tank.
Now, I see something on the driver side next to the engine behind and under the air filter. Is it the charcoal canister? Please let me know.
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You could have a leak at the filler neck, a leaking fuel cap, any number of things. The canister is suspect (I replaced two canisters on Toyota products this week)

The proper and least expensive way to check the system is with a smoke machine. This will find any leaks in the EVAP system.

Also, check under the hood for any hoses that may have been disturbed. Unplug the EVAP solenoids and plug them back in.

If you wanted an idea of what I would do without a smoke machine, I'd replace the fuel cap using only a genuine Toyota cap.

Clear the code, and if it hasn't reset in 3-4 days, either the fault is intermittent or the cap was faulty.
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