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You mentioned an inspection and having previously been registered in Saskatchewan so I assume the vehicle is out of province. If so, it would be wise to tell the seller that you'll only purchase the rav if it passes inspection and include the cost of the inspection in the selling price. Typically when people are selling out of province uninspected vehicles there's a reason it hasn't been inspected. Sometimes they don't bother so they can keep out of province insurance rates (Albertans in BC for example, so much cheaper out there haha) but most of the time it's because the vehicle won't pass inspection as is and they don't want to bother with doing the work to make it pass. Here in BC down on the coast they have more strict emissions laws, therefore if the cat wasn't functional or had been removed alltogether, it couldn't be insured until a new cat has been put in. Same with O2 sensors.

Aside from that, as others have stated the rust doesn't look all that bad in the photos, but it's impossible to tell without getting underneath with a small hammer/scraper and seeing how far down it goes. If it's just bits of rust the scrape off, don't worry about it. If you have large chunks of metal falling off, very deep pitting, or holes, leave it and don't look back.

My rav had a hell of a lot of surface rust underneath. I spent a day scraping it all off, wire brushing any errant bits, and painting on a rust paint such as Por 15. Supposedly, Por 15 is the best out there, but it's bloody expensive. I bought a pint of rust-o-leum for the bare metal under the carpet inside. I plan to steam clean the carpets and scrape off any rust on the driver and passenger side as my rav was originally from Ontario where they salt the roads pretty heavy.

I'll see if I can't find some photos of the rust from the undercarriage on my vehicle so you can compare to get a rough idea.

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So these are the photos the seller sent me back when I bought it. They don't nearly show the extent of the surface rust and unfortunately I didn't take any photos before I got to work. I ended up replacing those gas tank straps while I was at it. It actually looked similar to yours in person.
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